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Les Bronzes d’Industrie

For more than 100 years, LBI has been producing metal parts in bronze, stainless steel, aluminium and special alloys, obtained by the centrifugal casting process.

More than
100 years
of know-how

Our capabilities are unique in the world. Our parts measure from 60 mm to 6000 mm in diameter and weigh up to 20 tons. We can deliver rough parts as well as completely machined finished components ready for use.

Our expertise and flexibility allow us to supply a wide variety of sectors such as shipbuilding, energy, metallurgy, electrical components and many more.

The importance given to quality and on time delivery has enabled us to develop our export sales, which now represent 80% of our turnover.

Our company is constantly evolving and regularly invests in state-of-the-art production equipment and R&D programs that allow us to develop new alloys in response to very specific technical and performance requirements.


Based in the iron and steel region Lorraine, LBI gained its reputation for providing high level of service to local companies. Today, LBI markets has radically changed, but our company maintains this philosophy and readily adapts to fulfil the needs of all our customers.

LBI is a mid-sized company with an international philosophy and global reach (exports represent 80% of output). LBI demonstrates strong financial stability as well as exceptional capabilities in our foundry and machining operations.

Its 100 years of existence on the market give it know-how and great mastery in its field.

LBI remains attentive to it’s customers in order to be able to offer a perfectly constructed technical advice and commercial offers. The combination of quality and flexibility allow it to serve the most demanding sectors such as the military and space. LBI is in a constant quest for innovation and invests continuously in order to optimize it’s operating costs and find technical solutions.

Production tool

Thanks to its know-how and equipment, LBI is able to offer a wide range of components according to your exact needs. The various manufacturing steps are meticulously monitored by an experienced and highly qualified team.

Everything starts with the development of the alloy you have selected, standard or one specifically developed for you.

Centrifugal casting enables the shape that you have defined: tubes, rings, crowns, rings, sockets, flanged cobs.

After heat treatment (if required), your part will join our machining workshop to be roughed out and then machined to the desired dimensions. Our capacities range from 60mm to 6000mm in diameter for rings and up to 5000mm in length for tubes.

Whether unique pieces or small series (up to approximately 200 pieces) per delivery, we will have manufacturing resources adapted to your request.

The implementation of a continuous and prioritised investment policy allows regular renewal of equipment to enable manufacture of cast and machined components under continually optimised environment and best cost conditions.

Certifications and approvals

To be able to meet the most demanding requirements of high-tech sectors, in terms of performance but also safety, LBI understood very early on that it was essential to achieve the highest level of quality. Thus, at each stage of manufacturing, the most rigorous controls are carried out: dimensional and quality controls, chemical and metallurgical controls, control of mechanical characteristics.

The quality department verifies during and at the end of manufacture the compliance of the products with the imposed specifications and defines with the department managers any corrective actions to be taken.

LBI meets the quality requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

LBI Foundries group and subsidiaries

Since its creation in 1919, the LBI Foundries group has continued to expand it’s offer of high quality cast components. After the centrifugation of bronze parts, the company has developed its know-how to offer stainless steel and aluminium parts to the most demanding customers and applications.

By adding their own technical know-how in sand casting of copper alloys, our subsidiaries SRI and INOXYDA, complete an already rich portfolio and ensure a comprehensive range of cast products for our customers in all branches.

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26 rue de la République
57360 Amnéville, France.

LBI Foundries Group

LBI is a company of the LBI Foundries group