From 4 to 7 April 2022 at Oslo – Norway, LBI leader in Europe in centrifugal casting with its unique capabilities until OD 6m & its subsidiaries specialized in the sand casting process (SRI INOXYDA) will exhibit at NOR-SHIPPING.

It’s been for decades now we produced a long range of housing shafts, liners, HUBS, sealing rings, propellers and others parts in coppers alloys (commonly aluminium bronze) & stainless steel for the shipbuilding and oil & gas markets.
LBI FOUNDRIES already supply the key accounts market worldwide.

Feel free to come on our stand B05-38 and meet our technical sales ! We will be proud to show and give you more details about our capacities and our know-how.

Elmia Subcontractor 2021

From 9th to 12th November 2021 in Jönköping, Sweden

We are exposing with the company AHD, our French partner foundry and the company Edwards, our local representative for Scandinavia (SW, NO, FIN).

Our new sales office in the UK!

LBI Foundries and its subsidiaries LBI, SRI & INOXYDA are very excited to announce the launch of our UK subsidiary ‘LBI Castings Ltd’.

The creation of our new UK office enables local support of our valued partners by a dedicated sales team.

This new venture enables improved customer service and development of our existing (Nuclear, Shipbuilding, Power Generation and Aerospace) customer base in the region.

This office is responsible for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Simon Margison has worked successfully as a representative for our centrifugal casting & machining divisions during 2020 – 2021.

Simon becomes responsible for the new business development activities of LBI Castings Ltd for the following plants:

  • LBI Les Bronzes d’Industrie | Centrifugal Casting | <6m OD x 4.5m long | components 20 tonnes max
  • SRI Saint-Rémy Industrie | Sand Casting | 2m Sq | components 2 tonnes max
  • Inoxyda | Sand Casting | 5m Sq | components 50 tonnes max

To know more about the commercial offering (casting or machining) of LBI Castings Ltd please call or email Simon Margison directly :

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Our last design project!

LBI Foundries is proud to announce our last art / architectural / design project, cast and machined in our plants (LBI and INOXYDA), signed by world class designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec!

This project was presented last week at the new private Art-Museum la Bourse de Commerce | Pinault Collection in Paris.

We realized high flag bearer masts in Nickel Aluminium Bronze, centrifugally cast, then assembled, welded together and final machined at LBI, and at their feet, Black patinated “Rocks” made in Bronze by our company INOXYDA.

This was a new occasion to challenge and highlight our know how, our taste for excellence and synergies into our foundry group LBI Foundries.

This is the second project made for Bouroullec brothers, for which we already produced masts in Nickel Aluminium Bronze dedicated to the new Fontaine on the famous Champs-Elysées of Paris in 2019.

More than 100 years of passion for casting

LBI is a family business:

  • 210 motivated and highly qualified employees serving the most demanding industries
  • more than 300 customers in 37 countries around the world
  • thousands of possible alloys
  • sectors of activity as varied as the shape and size of our parts.

We are proud to celebrate 100 years of our company. On this occasion, we organized our first half-day open house (JPO) for which more than 250 people registered and were able to visit our workshops – Thank you to all our visitors for your curiosity and your enthusiasm, what a joy to be able to communicate our passion!

In the afternoon, we invited all the employees of the LBI Foundries group, their spouses and their children to join us for a half-day focused on conviviality, family spirit, games and of course the guided tour. of our workshops.

The visits were provided by some of our experienced employees and allowed you to:

  • to understand the technique of centrifugal casting
  • to visit our foundry and machining workshops
  • to see the different cast and machined alloys at LBI
  • to see the variety of sizes and shapes of parts manufactured at LBI
  • to see the different sectors of activity covered by LBI

It was also an opportunity to unveil the new film presenting the manufacturing cycle of our parts.

LBI’s castings on Mars!

On Monday, November 26, at around 9:00 pm French time, after a 6-months journey of almost 500 million km, the InSight mission module landed on the planet Mars.

The InSight mission, with a budget of nearly a billion dollars, carries on board an hypersensitive seismometer designed by CNES and Sodern. Operational in early 2019, the SEIS instrument is able to hear the shock waves of meteorites that regularly crash on Mars, but also earthquakes, creaking layers, and their deformations.

This SEIS seismometer contains parts made of our special alloys EXIUM® AM and ALUSiC®. The parts we produce were already present all over the world, but since this week, they are even further away!

A permanent showcase on the Champs-Elysées!

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec bring the Champs-Elysées fountains back to life.

Paris, 12 March 2019 – A new life has begun for the fountains of the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées.

Designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have thus produced a design for this famous Rond-Point, which is both a spectacular and poetical interweaving of water, light and movement. After three years of work, from preliminary sketches through to full-scale tests, the new Fontaines des Champs-Elysées have just been fitted into place.

This restoration has been completed by a remarkable artistic creation (and genuine technological feat) by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, worthy of the significant role that the Champs-Elysées plays in the heritage, aesthetic and emotional landscape of Paris. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec designed six structures consisting of a 13m-high central mast in bronze, which supports a series of crystal light hangings through which the water f lows and falls. The whole structure rotates very slowly, at the same pace as passing pedestrians, and glistens like light in motion accompanied by the play of water.

“We had to find the right balance for this design between a monumental and airy structure, in order to blend into the urban landscape, to highlight as delicately as possible the view between Place de la Concorde and Place de l’Etoile and to subtly mark the passage from the peace and quiet of the gardens to the bustle of the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. Our greatest wish for this project was to bring to the heart of the urban landscape, in an open and popular site, a highly ambitious creation in terms of both aesthetics and technicality. It was a real pleasure to bring together a unique collective of expertise and craft excellence, from workers to engineers, at the service of a creation which now belongs to everyone” said Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec during the unveiling of the new Fountains.

Each mast is anchored to a steel chassis weighing more than two tonnes and a system of rotating parts makes the fountains revolve. A total of 40 companies and more than 250 people participated in the design and building of the Fountains to produce these technological wonders on a par with the most complex of aeronautic works or timepieces. This ambitious creation, which should mark a milestone in the development of the city’s urban landscape, is a testament to the commitment of Paris to the future of the Champs-Elysées as an iconic landmark of the city’s attractiveness and renown.

LBI and its employees are very proud to have participated in the construction of these fountains by supplying all the masts, assembly of hollow tubes in Aluminium-Bronze (NAB or CuAl alloy) manufactured thanks to centrifugal casting technique used at the Amnéville foundry shop. In addition to casting the tubes, LBI also carried out their machining and complete assembly.

If you have monumental art sculpture projects, let us know your needs or wishes, our teams will be able to advise you.

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