Centrifugal casting

LBI produces high quality centrifugal cast components based on specific non-ferrous alloys, special steels or composites with a metal matrix and made as per your requirement.

Main features

The Centrifugal Casting (or spun casting) process in metallic tooling under very high acceleration, produces a casting using centrifugal pressure. This pressure creates, within the alloy, a very important degassing, which rejects all the impurities, potentially contained in a liquid metal melt, towards the bore.

The one-direction cooling and solidification of the alloy are perfectly controlled.

  • Picto Centrifugation verticale

    Vertical centrifugal casting (or vertical spun casting): heavy parts, whose diameter is generally more important than the length, are produced using vertical centrifugal casting machines

  • Picto Centrifugation horizontale

    Horizontal centrifugal casting (or horizontal spun casting): long parts are produced using horizontal centrifugal casting machines

LBI peut fournir différents profils de pièces tels que : tubes, couronnes, bagues, douilles… pour des applications variées : composant d’appareil à pression, emballage de stockage ou de transport de déchets radioactifs, mât de sous-marin ou bâtiment de surface, corps de pompe, corps d’autoclave, corps de colonne de chromatographie…

Les Bronzes d'Industrie - Process & savoir-faire - Moulage par centrifugation

A more economical process

Better characteristics

Unique capabilities

Picto Longueur

4,5 m

max length
Picto Diamètre

6 m

max outer diameter
Picto Poids

20 t

max weight

Dimensions and shapes

The centrifugal casting process (or spun casting) is mainly suitable for cylindrical or hollow pieces (rings, tubes etc…). Conical shapes, several different diameters or flange(s) can be obtained on the “as cast” outer profile.
As we do not use cores, the inside diameter is cylindrical and is achieved by the quantity of liquid metal poured into the tooling.

Our extensive range of toolings (more than 1500 dies) enables us to reach the ideal cast sizes and shapes, consequently to propose the most economical solutions.

Main advantages

The combination of induction melting and centrifugal casting (or spun casting) process leads especially, as far as austenoferritic steels are concerned, to very high quality levels, similar to those obtained on parts cast under vacuum or with AOD converter.

Alloys obtained

  • Fine structured,
  • Sound and compact,
  • Perfectly homogeneous,
  • Free from blowholes and inclusions,
  • Very high mechanical properties (the highest you can obtain by any foundry process)

Produced parts

  • Easily machined,
  • Free from any distortion,
  • Enhanced resistance to corrosion and wear.

Alternative to forging

Centrifugal casting is an alternative to forging or to wrought processes: ring rolling, stamping and open-die forging.
Centrifugal casting consists of pouring liquid metal into a metal coquille/mould under high acceleration (> 50g). LBI produces components by horizontal or vertical centrifugal casting. The solidified alloy, under the effect of the centrifugal pressure, has a fine and homogeneous structure.

Many applications
Centrifugal castings are an alternative to forgings in several sectors such as nuclear, defence, shipbuilding, machine tools… We offer different centrifugal casting pieces made of stainless steel, copper based alloys or aluminium in different shapes and sizes.

Les Bronzes d'Industrie - Process & savoir-faire - Moulage par centrifugation

Flexibility and control of alloy elaboration

We produce high-quality centrifugal casting components and we propose specific alloys that can be customized. LBI develops the alloys according to your need in order to reach the mechanical and physical characteristics that are specific to a particular application:

  • magnetic permeability
  • maximum controlled levels of sulphur, phosphorus, carbon and cobalt
  • corrosion resistance (specific PREN)
  • weldability

Forgings and centrifugal castings comparison

In the case of a single flange bush or with a collar on the outer diameter, the metal amount required to produce the same piece is much lower and optimized by centrifugal casting than forging. In centrifugal casting, the weight of the as-cast part is directly optimized.

Other manufacturing steps

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