Process and know-how

From the melting of metals to the shipment of the machined part, LBI methodically controls each step of its manufacturing process to offer you cast parts with the expected technical properties.

LBI - Les Bronzes d'Industrie - Process and know-how - Melting and elaboration of alloys

Melting and elaboration of alloys

In addition to alloys specified by the most common material standards (EN, DIN, ASTM, BS, WNr., NF, SEW…), LBI also casts many different alloys further to its customers’special requests (for example particular chemical analysis, restriction, special targets for mechanical properties…). This is all possible thanks to the advanced knowledge of its foundry workers and to its adaptive equipment.

LBI - Les Bronzes d'Industrie - Process and know-how - Centrifugal casting

Centrifugal casting

The Centrifugal Casting (or spun casting) process in metallic tooling under very high acceleration, produces a casting using centrifugal pressure. This pressure creates, within the alloy, a very important degassing, which rejects all the impurities, potentially contained in a liquid metal melt, towards the bore.

LBI - Les Bronzes d'Industrie - Process and know-how - Heat treatment

Heat treatment

A rational totally instrumented facility enables us to perform water, air, and oil quenches and annealing on our centrifugally cast parts.
The forced stirring “quench” baths permit the precise transformations in structure as requested by the specifications (2 x 33 m3, oil and water).

LBI - Les Bronzes d'Industrie - Process and know-how - Machining and welding

Machining and welding

LBI can produce parts to customer requirements for either rough or fully machined pieces, using various machining operations.

Our integrated mechanical workshop (more than 100 machine tools) allows us to machine centrifugally cast (or spun cast) pieces on conventional or high precision CNC lathes. The workshop also allows the production of welded components in a wide range of materials (non ferrous alloys, stainless steels, aluminum) through TIG, MIG, wrapped electrode per EN 288, ASME IX and customers specifications.

LBI - Les Bronzes d'Industrie - Process and know-how - Quality control

Quality control

In order to meet the most specific design requirements of high technology sectors, not only in terms of performance but also of security, LBI understood at an early stage that it was necessary to reach the “maximum” level of quality. Consequently, each stage of the production, from incoming raw materials to the finished product, is carried out under the most extensive and strict controls: dimensional and quality controls, chemical and metallurgical controls and mechanical characteristics controls.

LBI - Les Bronzes d'Industrie - Process and know-how - Shipping


LBI is particularly careful with the packing of products.
From smaller “rough machined” parts on a pallet or large pieces on wooden stands to finish machined parts in wooden crates, our packing is adapted to the product, the method of transport and to your specific requirements.

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