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ALUSIC® special alloy

A metal matrix composite material.


Centrifugally cast composite parts made up with a matrix in silicon-aluminum alloy and SiC reinforcement elements: Silicon Carbide particles.

Alloy grade properties of ALUSIC®


  • SiC reinforcement ratio ranging from 30 to 60% (in volume) depending on the application
  • Perfect volume distribution of the SiC particles

Physical properties

  • Low density (d ≤ 2.95)
  • Very low expansion coefficient (alpha < 8x10-6 with 60% SiC)
  • High thermal conductivity (> 150W/m/°K)

Mechanical properties

  • Very high stiffness (Proof stress > 185×10-6 N/mm² with 60% SiC)
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Good mechanical properties under hot conditions (up to 300° C / 572° F)

Dimensions and shapes


4,5 m

Max length

6 m

Max outer diameter

The centrifugal casting process (or spun casting) is mainly suitable for cylindrical or hollow pieces (rings, tubes etc…). Conical shapes, several different diameters or flange(s) can be obtained on the “as cast” outer profile.
As we do not use cores, the inside diameter is cylindrical and is achieved by the quantity of liquid metal poured into the tooling.

Our extensive range of tooling (more than 1500 dies) enables us to reach the ideal cast sizes and shapes, consequently to propose the most economical solutions.

Our fields of application

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