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Our new sales office in the UK!

LBI Foundries and its subsidiaries LBI, SRI & INOXYDA are very excited to announce the launch of our UK subsidiary ‘LBI Castings Ltd’.

The creation of our new UK office enables local support of our valued partners by a dedicated sales team.

This new venture enables improved customer service and development of our existing (Nuclear, Shipbuilding, Power Generation and Aerospace) customer base in the region.

This office is responsible for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Simon Margison has worked successfully as a representative for our centrifugal casting & machining divisions during 2020 – 2021.

Simon becomes responsible for the new business development activities of LBI Castings Ltd for the following plants:

  • LBI Les Bronzes d’Industrie | Centrifugal Casting | <6m OD x 4.5m long | components 20 tonnes max
  • SRI Saint-Rémy Industrie | Sand Casting | 2m Sq | components 2 tonnes max
  • Inoxyda | Sand Casting | 5m Sq | components 50 tonnes max

To know more about the commercial offering (casting or machining) of LBI Castings Ltd please call or email Simon Margison directly :

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Phone +33 (0)3 87 71 15 11

26 rue de la République
57360 Amnéville, France.

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