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Process and know-how

From melting of metals to delivery of the machined component, LBI methodically controls each step of it’s manufacturing process to offer you cast parts with the required technical properties.

Melting and elaboration of alloys

In addition to alloys specified by the most common material standards (EN, DIN, ASTM, BS, WNr., NF, SEW…), LBI also casts many different alloys further to its customer’s special requests (for example particular chemical analysis, restriction, special targets for mechanical properties…). This is all possible thanks to the advanced knowledge of its foundry workers and to its adaptive equipment.

Centrifugal casting

The Centrifugal Casting (or spun casting) process in metallic tooling under very high acceleration, produces a casting using centrifugal pressure. This pressure creates, within the alloy, a very important degassing, which rejects all the impurities, potentially contained in a liquid metal melt, towards the bore.

Heat treatment

A logical, fully automated system allows quenching in air, water, oil and annealing of centrifugally cast blanks.

The quenching tanks allow precise structural transformation according to specification (2 x 33 m3, oil and water).

Machining and welding

LBI carries out finishing operations at the request of its customers who have the possibility of sourcing either rough parts, semi-finished products, or machined parts.

The integrated mechanical workshop (more than 100 machines) allows machining of centrifugally cast parts on conventional or numerically controlled machines. It also allows the production of mechanically welded parts in a wide variety of alloys such as copper alloys, stainless steel and other alloys using TIG, MIG, cored wire, coated electrode welding processes according to EN 288, ASME IX and customer specifications.

Quality control

To be able to meet the most demanding requirements of high-tech sectors, in terms of performance but also safety, LBI understood very early that it was essential to achieve the highest level of quality. Thus, at each stage of production, the most rigorous controls are carried out.


LBI pays particular attention to the packaging of it’s products. Whether it is rough parts on wooden pallets, large rings on wooden or steel desks, or finished and ready-to-use components in wooden crates that meet various standards and customer specification.

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