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More than 100 years of passion for casting

9 November 2019

LBI is a family business:

  • 210 motivated and highly qualified employees serving the most demanding industries
  • more than 300 customers in 37 countries around the world
  • thousands of possible alloys
  • sectors of activity as varied as the shape and size of our parts.

We are proud to celebrate 100 years of our company. On this occasion, we organized our first half-day open house (JPO) for which more than 250 people registered and were able to visit our workshops – Thank you to all our visitors for your curiosity and your enthusiasm, what a joy to be able to communicate our passion!

In the afternoon, we invited all the employees of the LBI Foundries group, their spouses and their children to join us for a half-day focused on conviviality, family spirit, games and of course the guided tour. of our workshops.

The visits were provided by some of our experienced employees and allowed you to:

  • to understand the technique of centrifugal casting
  • to visit our foundry and machining workshops
  • to see the different cast and machined alloys at LBI
  • to see the variety of sizes and shapes of parts manufactured at LBI
  • to see the different sectors of activity covered by LBI

It was also an opportunity to unveil the new film presenting the manufacturing cycle of our parts.

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