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Fields of application

With an ability to offer a wide range of different alloys combined with a variety of shapes and dimensions, LBI spun (centrifugally) cast parts are used in many industrial sectors.


Propulsion equipment, components for rudder stock systems and sealing systems for large vessels (Nuclear submarines, Cruise ships, French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle…).


Manufacture of components for gas turbines and hydraulic turbines.


Manufacture of wear bushes for landing gears (Airbus, Boeing…).

Centrifugally cast parts for aeronautics: wear ring, frame ring, capable blank, etc.

Chemical industry

Manufacture of parts to equip sedimentation tanks and centrifuges (water purification plant in Hamburg…).

Steel industry / Galvanisation

Manufacture of zinc pot rollers for continuous galvanizing of steel sheets for teh automotive industry.

Steel industry / Lamination

Manufacture of screw down nuts and wiper rollers for cold rolling.


Manufacture of parts for crushers (bearings) and wear parts for gyrating crushers.

Electricals components

Manufacture of water tightness and wear bushes for hydro-electric power plants (ALSTOM, GE, VOITH, ANDRITZ…).

Machine tools and Presses

Supply of guide bushes for forging press.


Supply of shaft liners, wear rings and column pipes.

Valves and Fluid Control

Réalisation de composants pour vannes et papillon, composants pour vannes de traitement

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