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Technical Capabilities



  • 12 Induction furnaces: 2x300kg, 2x600kg, 2x1200kg, 2x1500kg, 2x2400kg,1x7000kg, 1x13000kg
  • 9 Gas furnaces from 600 kg up to 900kg
Liquid metal is filled into a mold

Centrifugal casting (spun casting)

  • Short Horizontal: 4 Machines, Ø 80 to 1000 mm; Length 200 to 1000 mm;Up to 1 ton
  • Long Horizontal: 2 Machines, Ø 3200 to 1000 mm, Length 2000 to 4000 mm; Up to 6 tons
  • Vertical: 6 Machines, Ø 300 to 6000 mm, Length 200 to 3000 mm;Up to 20 tons


Two workers perform heat treatment on a centrifugal casting part in the factory Tubes in front of heat treatment tank Piece during the heat treatment Two large hardening baths for centrifugal castings


  • 2 Furnaces: Ø 1000x3000 mm Temperature = 1150° maximum; 1 Furnace Ø 1000x2500 mm; Temperature = 1250° maximum
  • 1 Furnace: Ø 1800x2250 mm Temperature = 1150° maximum
  • Quench : Water, Air and Oil; Ø 2000x Length 3000 mm maximum
  • Others : Temper anneal; Stress relief; Softening


Small parallel lathe machining a small flanged liner Close up of a machining center working on a NAB centrifugal casting piece Large conical aluminum cupro ring on a CNC lathe

Parallel Lathes Up to Ø 1100 mm; Length 6000 mm
Vertical Lathes Up to Ø 5600 mm; Length 4000 mm


Machining of a roller in stainless steel for zink pot galvanizing  Machine industrielle type fraiseuse aléseuse numérique 5 axes TOS à commande numérique pour le fraisage de bassins d’huile, de rainures de clavette, le perçage et à l’alésage de couronnes ou tube[de] Automatische fünfachsige Bohrmaschine TOS für das Fräsen von Keilnuten, Ölbecken, Ringe, Rohren [en]numerically controlled 5 axes milling and drilling machine TOS for grinding of oil groves, keyways, rings, tubes Centrifugal moldings in the foreground and a machining lathe in the machining workshop in the background Machining of long stainless steel tubes View of all the machines in the machining hall

Parallel Lathes

  • Up to Ø 500 mm; Length 1000 mm
  • Up to Ø 1200 mm; Length 8000 mm
  • Up to Ø 1060 mm; Length 10000 mm

Vertical Lathes

  • Up to Ø 1250 mm; Length 600 mm
  • Up to Ø 2200 mm; Length 1750 mm
  • Up to Ø 4100 mm; Length 2000 mm


  • Length = 3400 mm; width= 1500 mm; heigth= 900 mm; Maximum weight = 12 tons

In addition to our machining possibilities, we can assemble by welding casting parts.



  • Drilling, Fitting, Correction, Boring.


Machined bearing housing in bronze Stainless-steel rotary feeder on a palette Two fully machined tubes in aluminum Worm gear wheel in front of a machining center CNC machining center programmed by an employee Machining of an aluminum coil body Parts in brass controlled in an adapted gauge Photo of a completed flanged bush piece made of bronze Parallel machining of various tubes stainless steel casting Double-spindle lathe for large scale production machining of centrifugal casting up to 700mm diameter