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Machining Operations

Machining {JPEG} LBI can produce parts to customer requirements for either rough or fully machined pieces, using various machining operations.

Our integrated mechanical workshop (more than 100 machine tools) allows us to machine centrifugally cast (or spun cast) pieces on conventional or high precision C.N.C. lathes.

JPEG A specific workshop manages the rough machining, which consists in eliminating the "skin" of centrifugally cast (or spun cast) parts. All manufactured parts undergo this machining operation, which guarantees a high level of metallurgical quality.

The surface obtained, further to this operation, constitutes the basis for an exhaustive visual control and, if necessary, for other non-destructive controls: dye penetrant testing (colored and fluorescent), ultrasonic inspection (large range of search units), magnetic particles inspection and X-ray inspection (subcontracted to "Institut de Soudure" in Ennery Lorraine) depending on the specifications of our customers.


Parallel lathes Up to Ø 1100 mm; Lenght 6000 mm

Vertical lathes Up to Ø 5600 mm; Lenght 4000 mm


Parallel lathes

  • Up to Ø 500 mm; Length 1000 mm
  • Up to Ø 1200 mm; Length 8000 mm
  • Up to Ø 1060 mm; Length 10000 mm

Vertical lathes

  • Up to Ø 1250 mm; Length 600 mm
  • Up to Ø 2200 mm; Length 1750 mm
  • Up to Ø 4100 mm; Length 2000 mm


  • Length = 3400 mm; Depth = 1500 mm; height = 900 mm; Maximum weight = 12 tonnes


Flanged bush in bronze Worm gear wheel HNK Overview Aluminium & Tacchi1 Parts in brass controlled in an adapted gauge Chips in stainless steel chips of Nickel Aluminium Bronze Flanged bush in bronze Stainless steel chips Flangedbush after rough machining Flangedbush before rough machining