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Fields of Applications

With an ability to offer a wide range of different alloys combined with a variety of shapes and dimensions, LBI spun (centrifugally) cast parts are used in many industrial sectors.

Percentage distribution of orders by fields of application : shipbuilding, energy, metallurgy, electrical equipment, pumps and valves, machine tool...

Some examples of use of our products, listed by sector

- Shipbuilding Industry

  • Propulsion equipment, components for rudder stock systems and sealing systems for large vessels (Nuclear submarines, Cruise ships, French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle...)..
    Shipbuilding PDF 249.5 kb

- Energy

- Steel Works Industry

  • Manufacture of zinc pot rollers for continuous galvanizing of steel sheets for teh automotive industry.
  • Manufacture of screw down nuts and wiper rollers for cold rolling.
    Rolling mills PDF 569.2 kb

- Mining - Grinding

  • Manufacture of parts for crushers (bearings).
  • Manufacture of wear parts for gyrating crushers.
    Mining cement PDF 359.5 kb

- Machine tools

- Electrical Construction / Medical Sector / Nuclear Sector

  • Manufacture of rotating collectors for medical imaging (scan, IRM...).
    Electrical components PDF 614.1 kb

- Chemical industry

  • Manufacture of parts to equip sedimentation tanks and centrifuges (Water purification plant in Hamburg...).
    Chemical industry PDF 561.2 kb

- Pumps

  • Supply of shaft liners and wear rings
  • Manufacture of column pipes
    Pumps PDF 551.8 kb

- Aeronautics

  • Manufacture of wear bushes for landing gears (Airbus, Boeing...).
    Aeronotics PDF 361.8 kb

- Bearings

  • Supply of large cages for ball & roller bearings (SKF, FAG, SNR...).