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Centrifugally cast composite parts made up with a matrix in silicon-aluminum alloy and SiC reinforcement elements: Silicon Carbide particles.

Characteristics of an ALUSiC® piece:

  • SiC reinforcement ratio ranging from 30 to 60% (in volume) depending on the application.
  • Perfect volume distribution of the SiC particles.

Physical properties:

  • Low density (d ≤ 2.95).
  • Very low expansion coefficient (alpha < 8x10-6 with 60% SiC).
  • High thermal conductivity (> 150W/m/°K).

Mechanical properties:

  • Very high stiffness (Proof stress > 185x10-6 N/mm² with 60% SiC).
  • Exceptional wear resistance.
  • Good mechanical properties under hot conditions (up to 300° C / 572° F).

The non-reinforced zone has the characteristics of basic alloy.