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LBI and Exium®AM on Mars !

Conceptual view of InSight lander
The damping alloy EXIUM®AM, developed by LBI, was selected by SODERN / EADS to be part of a system sent to planet MARS, during the next INSIGHT mission (association NASA/ESA) whose launch is planned for 2016.

EXIUM®AM was in competition with elastomer materials and a Titan alloy (TA6V). After 5 months of qualifications tests, the following results were highlighted:
EXIUM®AM shows damping properties equivalent to Elastomer Materials, and much higher than those obtained by Titan alloy TA6V.
Conceptual view of the Insight probe
• Physical and mechanical properties of EXIUM®AM, compared to elastomer Materials, convinced SODERN/EADS to select this alloy for the INSIGHT Mission to Mars.

These mechanical parts will protect measurement devices (embedded in the exploring robot) from vibrations during their use.