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New hall - new machines

View of the outside of the LBI machine shop

Our new factory hall of 1.600 m² is already occupied with 5 parallel lathes (4 off coming from the existing production hall + 1 brand new one) installed over the last months. The new parallel lathe, bought new & delivered last June will start to produce in August 2014. Its capacities are Diam. 1.000 mm x Length 9.000 mm.
A 6th lathe is scheduled to be moved from the old to the new production hall and will be in operation by end of October.
We will use the free spaces in the older hall resulting from the moving of those lathes to install a new vertical lathe (3-axes CNC lathe – Maximum diameter 4.000 mm x height 2.000 mm). This will be the biggest lathe at LBI. Installation will start in October and production will start in November 2014.
These investments are increasing our dimensional and production capacities, with a higher production flexibility and a reduced lead-time for the production of large pieces.

Parallel machining of various tubes stainless steel casting Machining of long stainless steel tubes View of all the machines in the machining hall