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New 3-axes CNC-Lathe HNK 38-40

New 3-axes CNC-Lathe HNK 38-40

With a turning capacity of Ø 4,000 mm, this is now the biggest CNC-lathe at LBI. Its installation was only possible thanks to the building of our new ’machine’ workshop (1,600 m² of floor space), which has been operational since Summer 2014 and formed part of the complete reorganization of our factory.
This investment will enable us to be competitive for the production of parts with large dimensions (LBI can cast up to 6 m diameter and up to 20 t. cast weight) and it will assist in shortening our delivery time by taking workload from other machines.
Installed and working since December 1st 2014, our new lathe is always high loaded.
Please feel free to contact us for quotes for the production of large parts, LBI can make the difference by machining these completely and economically.

More information about our latest investments in our leaflet here.