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Commencement of our new small-casting unit

Employee grabing a tube from the small casting unit during centrifugation processAs the result of a long period of investment our brand new foundry unit, dedicated to the centrifugal casting of small parts, commenced casting its first pieces in May 2015.

This unit, introduced for the production of small parts in stainless steel, non ferrous alloys or in Aluminium, is suitable for sizes ranging from Ø 100 to Ø 600 mm. It is equipped with induction furnaces, gas furnaces, 3 centrifugal casting machines together with dedicated tooling. The complete foundry was designed to enable production in optimum conditions for both work organisation and the quality of the casting.

Liquid metall in the small casting unit during centrifugation processThis unit will normally operate on a 2 shift basis but if necessary a 3rd shift can be added at short notice. This extra unit enables LBI to double its production capacity for small parts and to be much more flexible within our market share. In the coming months our production lead-time will be significantly reduced.

To support the above, our CNC-twin spindle lathes enable fast and precise machining at economical costs.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your requirements for small casting and our sales team as always remains at your disposal.
We will make a difference.

Contact : commercial@lbi.fr / +33 387 71 15 11 / www.lbi.fr

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