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Agent Meeting 2015

Photo of the sales agents at LBIOn March 11th & 12th all the LBI sales Team welcomed its sales representatives for an extraordinary Sales Meeting. They discovered the new face of LBI, a consequence of our large investment programme which commenced in 2013.
The positive team spirit and the general good mood prevalent during the meeting didn’t hide its importance. With a continually increasing Export Sales share reaching 81% in 2014, a very large part of the orders LBI receives is as a result of the fruitful work of our agents. The sales network LBI started 40 years ago is extremely efficient and will continue to grow.
After a busy 2 days of information exchange, technical workshops and presentations on our new markets and investments (see also our investment leaflet), our agents remain more than ever at your disposal to help and support you in your projects which include ’cylindrically spun cast parts’
Here you will find a list of our agents, please do not hesitate to contact them for more information or to ask any questions.